Seize The Sun Energy - Jack Alter is a nasty delusional misfit

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For over 2 months, while trying to help someone get a footing in the solar energy field, Jack Alter preyed

upon my good nature, attempted to do a FULL ILLEGAL

Business Conversion and tried to have me falsely arrested.

Police Incident, 13-096-0823 Civil Standby.

Jack attempted to steal property from me. He almost got away with it. Everyone in the Bay area must be warned about Jack Alter and his Seize the Sun Energy scam.

Jack Alter has a 2 desk office and is phoney as a 3 dollar bill.

Jack just finished Bankruptcy and has I.R.S. tax liens.

Jack is desperate and extremely mentally off-base by his

current actions of aggression.

Jack Alter also works with FREE HOT WATER which is another solar firm located in San Jose California.

This person only has a business license however does not

know a thing about solar energy or how it works.

He is very deceitful and full of malice towards non-jewish people. He is the worse kind of racist.

Jack Alter is typical of desperate mind persons.

Please be safe and watch out for your wallet.

Jacks last business, was destroyed because he is a very

unprofessional business person.

Please be careful.

Review about: Sun Energy Scam.

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